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This treat selection includes: 4x Bangers, 4x Mini Meaty Burgers, 2x Salmon Grills, 2x Beef Jerky


A Delicious selection of Burns treats made with 100% Meat. There are NO Biscuit or Cereal Ingredients. That’s what makes our Hot Dog Sticks GLUTEN FREE and super tasty!

Gluten Free
100% Meat Treat
High in Protein
No Artificial Flavourings



Ingredients: Pork, Chicken.
Typical Analysis: Protein 33.1%, Oil 26.8%, Ash 7.5%, Fibre 1.1%, Moisture 25.3%


Mini Meaty Burgers

Ingredients: Beef, meat product.
Typical Analysis: Protein 55.9%, Oil 18.9%, Ash 4.7%, Fibre 1.7%, Moisture 12.2%


Beef Jerky

Ingredients: Beef


Salmon Grills

Ingredients: Chicken, salmon, meat product



Small Meat Treat Selection

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